5 Places in Your Gym To Offer Towels

Creating a positive workout environment involves making sure that your clients feel valued and have access to well-maintained facilities. By providing clean gym towels, gym wipes, and well-kept equipment, you can contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. Here are some of the key places a high-quality gym will offer towels:

Locker Rooms

When it comes to prioritizing towel services, the gym’s locker room should be at the top of the list. After a rigorous workout, gym-goers rely on the locker room for a quick shower and a fresh change of clothes. Making sure there is a consistent stock of medium and lightweight towels will allow gym-goers to effectively dry off before changing and enhance their comfort. These towels are not only quick-drying but also space-saving, making them the perfect fit for the locker room.

Cardio Area

Your gym’s cardio area also needs a regular, fresh supply of gym towels. Machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and stair steppers are usually limited in number. If your gym experiences high traffic, some people will have to wait for others to finish using them.

A slippery machine can increase the risk of injuries. Having a fresh supply of medium or lightweight gym wipes will allow users to keep the equipment dry, preventing accidents during workouts. Your cardio area may benefit from having lightweight face towels for users to wipe sweat off their faces during sessions. This will provide comfort and help foster a personalized relationship between your gym and its patrons.

Pools and Saunas

This area offers opportunities for your clients to enjoy water activities, such as swimming, water aerobics, and relaxing in a hot tub. Make sure to have a consistent supply of high-quality fresh towels available for your clients to dry off after these activities. By making sure your clients have everything they need to fully enjoy these experiences, you will increase the likelihood of their return to your facility.

In saunas, heated vapor continuously fills the space and may condense on your body, causing some moisture. Users may also experience a rise in body temperature due to the heat emitted in the enclosed area, causing sweating. Fresh towels should be on hand both for drying and covering up.

Functional Training Areas

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These areas in the gym are equipped with pull-up and dip bars, aerobic step platforms, battle ropes, and resistance bands. They enable clients to engage in a more comprehensive, full-body workout, rather than targeting specific muscles. These workouts involve multiple muscles at once, leading users to experience fatigue and sweating.

These bars can be extremely dangerous when slippery and handled with sweaty hands. Due to the intensity of their workouts, users may need to dry themselves constantly. Providing them with medium or lightweight gym towels can help them have an easier and safer time during their exercises.

Resistance Machines

Your resistance machine area is well-equipped with items such as chest press machines, pec decks, seated leg presses, leg extension machines, and Smith machines, catering to various workout needs. As these machines may experience high demand, it’s essential for your clients to take turns and ensure that the equipment remains dry for the next person’s use. Encouraging users to utilize fresh gym wipes to clean the machines after their workouts will help maintain a pleasant and hygienic environment, allowing for efficient turnover between different machines.

Get High-Quality Gym Towels Today

Stock fresh towels and wipes in key areas to provide customer satisfaction and high-quality services at your gym. Invest in quality towels, maintain regular restocking, and listen to member feedback. Opt for medium and lightweight gym towels, as they dry quickly and withstand daily wear and tear. Upgrade your gym and provide high-quality fabric gym towels today.

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