Top raw THCA vape carts to consider

THCA vape carts made with raw plant materials have been taking center stage for quite some time now. And major brands have been churning out great products with a number of different strain options. Opting for raw THCA material vape carts has its inherent sets of benefits and users have been going gaga over these products. If you too are new to the world of raw THCA vape carts, good news! You are at the right place. We guide you through some of the top products in the category to choose from. Let’s get started with the list.

Diamond Distillate + HTE Cartridge: Wedding Cake

Enriched with THCA extracts from the Wedding Cake strain, this is an incredibly delicious product that leaves behind quite a sweet aftertaste with every puff. The Wedding Cake is among the list of popular hybrids that is steeped in Indian heritage. Offering a potent blend of strong parents like the Girl Scout Cookies and the Cherry Pie strains, the Wedding Cake strain is known for its incredibly sweet notes with a citric twist. Expect a similar flavor profile with this product, blending in terpenes from the strain. This particular variant of the vape cart comes with some very high potency numbers, which can go over the 91 percent mark, which manifests some very powerful effects upon consumption. Use the product and expect a dessert like taste to fill in the senses that will leave behind a slight vanilla-like aftertaste, which can be quite satisfying for many users.

Diamond Distillate + HTE Cartridge: Apples and Bananas

Another Indica dominant hybrid lends its terpenes to this amazing THCA vape. The Apples and Bananas strain is a very sweet and fruity hybrid that offers a great high when consumed. This strain is the offspring of the Blue Power, Platinum Cookies, Gelatti, and the Granddaddy Purple strains, which lend this strain some incredibly wonderful flavors. Each puff packs in a tropical taste of fresh apples and bananas, just as the name suggests. The aftertaste can be quite earthy and can linger as long as the effects last.

Flavorful terpenes from the hybrid infused into the product allow it to replicate the profile perfectly to offer users satisfying hits. Potency wise, this product can be quite potent for new users since the concentration figures are as high as over 89 percent, which results in an amazing euphoric experience for experienced users.

Diamond Distillate + HTE Cartridge: Sour Diesel

Let’s talk about some of the OG strains that have embraced the market. One such is the Sour Diesel. An iconic sativa strain that draws its lineage from equally legendary parents like the Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91 strains. This gives the strain its iconic pungent flavor profile. Each puff of this product will offer a gas like taste in the mouth, which can be quite overpowering for some. Exhales will leave behind quite a strong and earthy aftertaste that can last for a very long time.

The strong flavors also translate to very high potency for this product. Expect potency figures over the 96 percent range, which can be incredibly potent for new users. We do not recommend this product to new users, as the effects can be overwhelming.

Diamond Distillate + HTE Cartridge: Gorilla Glue

Want to check THCA flower cartridge that is super potent and super tasty? Another OG on this list, the Gorilla Glue is the hybrid lovechild of the Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chem’s Sister strains. This amazing combination of parents lends this indica-inspired hybrid with an equally amazing taste. With strong sedative effects, the Gorilla Glue offers strong couch lock effects accompanied by a pungent and sour, earthy aroma.

Terpenes from this wonderfully balanced hybrid are infused into the vape cart to replicate the profile with every puff. Expect quite a piney and earthy flavor with this strain and the aftertaste can be described as mildly gassy. Talking about the potency, this vape cart clocks in at over 90 percent concentration, which lands it among the list of potent vape carts.

Diamond Distillate + HTE Cartridge: Cherry Cookies

Overwhelm your senses with a sweet and fruity taste with this amazing THCA vape. Enriched with terpenes from the Cherry Cookies strain, this full spectrum product is noted for its very high potency of around 95 percent. The source strain is also quite loved by users and is known for its delicious taste. The Cherry Cookies is an indica-domiant hybrid that lends its genetics from the Girl Scout Cookies #2 and the Cherry Pie strains. The rich legacy is evident from the super rich flavor of the strain. Every puff of this product will offer a sweet and woody taste that can be quite similar to fresh berries. Exhales will leave the mouth with a very floral and herbal aftertaste with slight hints of fruitiness. The taste can be quite satisfying.

How to use THCA vape carts?

All products mentioned on this list are 510-tread compatible, meaning that these will clip onto any major vaporizer device. Here is how to use these vape carts effectively.

  • Take out the vape cart from the packaging.
  • Now screw in the vape cart in the 510 tread of the vaporizer.
  • Click the button to activate the device and wait for the ejuice to heat up.
  • Once the device is ready, inhale the thick vapor from the mouthpiece. Exhale after a few seconds.
  • Repeat until done.

These carts come with 1 ml of ejuice that should last you for a fairly long time. Dispose of the cart when it is empty.

THCA vape carts are flooding the market with strain options and cannabinoid blend choices. And for those looking for a perfect dose of THCA, these vape carts are the best choice. Not only does it help you to skip the harms of smoking, but the effects of vaping are almost instant. Try out some of the entries from our list today and maybe you can find your next favorite THCA product. Happy shopping!

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