What is a 404 Page Error? Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever visited a website, showing a 404 Error message? Why is this message significant? Why is a 404 Page Error important for your website? It can be an error page, which helps you identify and solve problems. But, it may also frustrate your website visitors and drive them away. So, understanding the significance of 404 Pages is vital. The web server displays the message when a particular webpage has not been found.

●4xx blocks are related to client errors. 
●400 – Bad Request
●402 – Payment Required 
●403 – Forbidden 
●404 – Page Not Found 
●It continues up to 426 Page Errors.

Remove myths about 404 Page Errors

Not every 404 Page Error leads to negative results. If someone has made a mistake while typing your URL, they will see this error page. Some website owners think that they should not have 404s on their sites. But, there is nothing wrong with having a 404 Error Page if the URL is mistyped. 404 gives the proper guide to the desired path. The presence of a 404 Error Page will not always affect your ranking in the SERP.

Boost conversions through the Error Page

There are some ways to increase the conversion rate and provide a better user experience through a 404 Error Page.

Show a search box

If you want your 404 Page Error to bring more traffic, you can incorporate a search box into the design. Your visitors can choose the option for finding the desired information on your site. They can also convert into your customers.

Allow visitors to navigate to other pages

Direct your visitors to different pages or let them explore your products/services. Ensure that your visitors will not feel frustrated after visiting your Error Page. Some website owners redirect visitors to the homepage. But, it is better to provide your visitors with an opportunity to access a new product page.

Offer coupons or discounts

Converting visitors into customers is the biggest challenge. If they hit your 404 Error Page, let them access your discounts or other special offers. With the right approach, the Error Page can become your lead magnet.

Use a creative design and incorporate humor

You should show creativity while designing the 404 Error Page. Some web designers try to add elements of humor to the page. Another good trick is to relate the page to your branding.

What are the main causes of 404 Page Errors?

●The webpage’s content has been moved or deleted without repairing the broken link.
●The user has typed the page URL incorrectly.
●DNS settings problem that refers to the wrong DNS address
●The error page has been cached by the browser
●Assets like images and CSS files can produce a 404 Error

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