Your Website Needs a Blog Section – Here’s Why

The shopping experience nowadays, as quick and convenient as it may be, sometimes seems a bit strange – but only if you pay attention to certain details. Let’s say you want to buy a new towel, a T-shirt, or new bed sheets – just regular everyday items. You browse the web, find the site that sells them, and when you’re finally there, you notice it has a blog section. But why…? Why would a site selling ordinary things feature blog posts? Because content is king. You may not know what it means exactly but there’s a good chance you’ve heard that somewhere before. So, whether you’re an online business owner or just a curious consumer, here’s all you need to know. An original take or good information can make you stand out from your competition.

Why It’s King

And who says that? Plenty of people out there would simply disagree. Why write a block of text when you can present the crucial information in 3 sentences, right? Subjective opinions aside, there’s one big voice in that mix – and it’s Google. Content is king because they say so. Probably. Nobody really knows for sure, but the general consensus, based on countless real-life case studies, seems to be supporting that statement. It’s about providing quality information. The more the better, which doesn’t mean you should just repeat yourself 10 times over just to get the point across and secure that magical barrier of 300 words (more on that later). It’s actually a delicate matter. Complex as it may be, posting fresh and regularly updated content is something of great value since search engines tend to favour that practice. Whether you feel it makes sense or not for your online store – it’s a shame to miss out on an opportunity like that. It’s also a chance to communicate with your audience or build it if you don’t have one yet. You share your insights, knowledge not only about your product but the whole industry and related topics. You give advice, tackle burning questions and confusing topics.

How to Make it King

Well, some business owners try to figure it out themselves, but after a while, they often turn to kingmakers – specialised SEO copywriting services. Because the fact is – it’s quite tricky to know what would bring the most traffic. And that’s often not even the main goal when it comes to blog posts. You’re sending a message to Google, or any other search engine, build authority and show your audience that you know what you’re doing in your own realm – whatever it may be. That’s why you keep seeing blog posts on websites selling socks. That’s also why you shouldn’t be missing out on that opportunity if you own an online business. It’s a tool to build and grow your online presence. But back to the issue at hand. Creating content that provides actual value is much harder than it looks. It takes research (often including keyword research), planning and the right knowledge.

Organic Value

More content (not AI-generated) almost never hurts. And still, it’s often neglected. Quick returns are more popular, which is why more companies have a paid search agency on retainer or use dedicated social media advertising services but don’t really get their site copy and content in order. And it’s a missed opportunity. Don’t be like them. We fear AI and how it may change the digital landscape but the latest Google updates suggest human-written content is now more valuable than ever.

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